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Senate Republican Leader Says Dismal Insurance Enrollment Numbers Cause for Outrage

AUGUSTA – Maine Senate Republican Leader Michael Thibodeau today said the dismal figures associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rollout here in Maine are just part of a more troubling trend with the unpopular law.

According to news media reports, only 271 Maine residents were able to navigate the site and sign up for insurance coverage

 “Everyone should be outraged by what they have seen so far with ObamaCare,” Senator Thibodeau said. “The Administration had years to get this right, and by all accounts it is a debacle. People here in Maine who were assured they were going to receive health insurance coverage are being hung out to dry. 


“Perhaps even more disturbing is that millions of people across the nation, including here in Maine, are being told that their insurance policies are being dropped as a result of the ACA. This comes after years of the president assuring us over and over again, ‘If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it.’

“Given what’s happened with ObamaCare, we should all be even more skeptical of the federal government’s promises with expanding Medicaid here in Maine. This is the same government that recently couldn’t manage to keep our national parks open and dealt with a looming debt ceiling crisis by kicking the can down the road with a temporary three-month fix. They have proven again and again that they can’t deliver on their promises. When they fail to deliver, as I believe they undoubtedly would with Medicaid expansion in Maine, this state is not in a financial position to pick up the tab.”

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