Augusta – Senator Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin) is advocating for immediate family members of active duty military members to have free access to some of Maine’s most beautiful outdoor areas.

“An Act to Increase the Access of Military Families to State Parks” would allow Maine residents who are the spouse and children of military members free access to state parks while their loved one is away on active duty. Currently, families have free access only while accompanied by their military member.

“Our military families sacrifice so much for all of us, and any small gesture we can make to ease their burden is worthwhile. Maine’s natural resources can provide adventure, relaxation, and simply a getaway close to home that can be a comfort to families with a member away on active duty,” said Senator Brakey. “I wish I could take full credit for this idea, but it was brought to me by a constituent and I am happy to bring this bill to the Legislature for consideration on her behalf.”

As with all other bills being submitted for the 2016 legislative session, the bill must first be approved to move forward by the Legislative Council before it can be referred to committee. The Legislative Council will meet at the end of October to vote on which bills will be considered during the 2016 session.